Frank "DebitMan" Page
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Meet "Florida's Funniest CPA."
Frank Page's DebitMan Takes On The Stereotypes

Frank Page (a.k.a. "DebitMan") is out to shatter the stereotype of the dour, humorless accountant with his stand-up comedy routine. He takes the stage and proclaims himself the "Champion of the World Accounting Federation" … and takes jabs at virtually all his profession's clichés — from green eyeshades to calculators. His act starts with a straight-line to the funny bone — and the laughs just keep on coming.

A certified public accountant for almost 30 years, Frank is president of his own firm, Business Development Partners, Inc. in Orlando, Florida. He admits that, even as a child, he "always wanted to be funny" — but didn't try his hand at comedy until 15 years ago, after he and his wife attended an amateur comedy night at a local club. "It just looked like a tremendous amount of fun," Frank says. "Accounting doesn't really have to be that serious."

Page's prize-fighter alter-ego emerged and in 1994, he won the title of "Florida's Funniest CPA" at the Jacksonville Comedy Zone at a contest sponsored by the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Frank has continued doing stand-up ever since, and has performed for numerous groups and associations at conventions, meetings and banquets coast-to-coast in Florida, Las Vegas and across the U.S.

DebitMan runs a clean show, suitable for a variety of audiences. But, his brand of humor, presentation and dry delivery is particularly enjoyed by groups in the accounting, insurance, banking and financial services professions. To contact Frank for booking availability and more information on DebitMan, call 1-877-DebitMan or click here.