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Howdy everyone. I'm that maniacal character you see just above this paragraph, also known as Frank Page's Web Designer. I've hijacked this page. Frank has no way to control what I may put in this page. Why the hostile takeover you may ask? It's very simple actually. Frank is also my CPA. He's a great friend, super nice guy and very funny. Too funny at times. You should live through an IRS audit with him like I had to. Maybe the federal auditor found the red nose and large clown shoes amusing, but I didn't, thus...REVENGE! I will update this column with tidbits about Frank the public may not be aware of.

This Week's Vital Stats:

You may notice Frank is bald. He tried a hairpiece once back in his early 30's. Unfortunately, this was the 1980's, and Afro's had gone out of style a decade earlier, but they hired him as corporate comptroller anyway. To this day, his peers swear...he only got the job because of Affirmative Action.

If Frank ever asks to borrow the gas powered edge trimmer, hide the dog. Trust me on this one...

A few years ago, Frank was actually a licensed auctioneer. Apparently he honed his skills in this craft as a single, bar hopping senior, back in college.

more to come later...