Frank "DebitMan" Page
P.O. Box 2523
Windermere, FL 34786
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"We've seen plenty of acts in the 10 years since our beginning, and your performance was fantastic. I personally will recommend DebitMan to any company, group or association without reservation."
  Gene M. Romangna
    The Learning Group of Orlando
"His straight lines don't 'depreciate' in humor as time goes by. Frank's spoofs on the accounting and financial industry will have your audience laughing again and again every time they think about DebitMan."
  Steve Humphrey, President
    Caribbean Soul, Inc.
"We had Frank perform at our CPE seminar to break up the afternoon. Frank Page was a brilliant touch and a great energizer! We were so pleased, we had him back again, two years later."
  Michael Harding, Partner
    Deloitte Touche Tohamtsu International
"We hired Frank for our annual conference full of 400 Accountants in Public Practice. They were rolling in the aisles. And let's face it, they're not the easiest bunch to lift."
  Paul Dunn, Founding Chairman
    Results Accountants' Systems
"I'd recommend to everyone to 'cash in' on the humor of DebitMan. The laughter compounds with every joke and one-liner."
  Ron Baker, Founder, VeraSage Institute
    and Author of "The Professionals Guide to Value Pricing"